Sunday, December 29, 2013


Fight of the year - Jon Jones vs Alexander Gustafsson (UFC 165)
Fighter of the year (men) - Chris Weidman (also Demetrious Mighty Mouse Johnson)
Fighter of the year (women) - Julianna Penna
Shocker of the year - Hendricks decision, GSP leaves, Anderson losses
Organization of the year - Invicta and Glory were doing amazing stuff in 2013!
Huge Thanks to Joe Rogan, Dana White and Ariel Helwani to open my eyes and to tell all the details and backstage info of the MMA world and fighting via your reports, interviews, blogs and podcasts!
Happy New Year!
See you in 2014!

NEM IS RONDA...on Ronda Rousey (in hungarian) for OFFLINE magazine

This was My first article on Ronda Rousey (in hungarian) for OFFLINE magazine. 


Holy Crap!
This was an insane "closing of the year" event at UFC 168, and the main card was an insane closing/crowning of the whole card from Las Vegas, Nevada on Saturday, Dec 28th.
The anticipation for this card was super high and if you don't know what was at stake, here's a sum-up:

-Peralta has a KO power and ready to prove it.
-Bobby Voelker was fighting, who doesn't know how to stop coming forward, but Macario schooled him bad.
-Doomsday brings Doom.
-Siver outpoints most fighters and looks stocky as ever. So many kicks, such a high volume fighter. Manny Gamburyan puts on a hell of an aggressive fight, if he can.
-Michael Johnson is Money! And I'm not talking about his tattoos.
-Uriah Hall vs Chris Leben, somebody has to leave.
-If you don't make weight (shame on you), you had a bad camp with bad weight cut.
-Don't ever count Jim Miller Out!
-Browne is a Bad Man and coming for that title pretty soon!

-2 Belt was on the line and this fight was the main event before the first Anderson vs Weidman fight ended with that KO.
-Ronda gets in deep waters but makes it worth watching for 3 rounds already know. The ARMBAR came, that she does so well. Not surprised, but of course Misha Tate is a hell of a fighter and deserves all the credit. I'm so glad she took Ronda into those deep waters, adversity will help them both grow.

-The actual main event is rematch as well as the ladies fight was, and it didn't disappoint.
Weidman said out to be a lucky guy in many people's eyes and we were gonna fight out if he really was. Anderson has so much on the line, I can't even....
He lost his belt in the first fight, he got knocked the f*ck out, he was criticized by his home country Brazil and fans turned on him. He was no longer unbeatable, He was finished by the underdog, he had the amazing documentary LIKE WATER just aired about him not too long ago.
GSP retired, sending the message and he by all means left on a high note (even though most of us though Hendricks got robbed). Insane Pressure.
Well Chris knocked him down, punished him and when you play the who kicks harder game, not knowing that your leg is already fractured and kick really hard with it? Chris Weidman explains how much he wanted to black those with his knees, and so he did. WOW!!!!

I think if Anderson takes a year or two off to heal, which he should (at least no matter how fast that leg heals) and have 2 losses in a year, slides back on the official rankings, and has to start all over again at 40? Probably not, right? Let's embrace and celebrate his genius and place him at his well deserve sopt in the UFC hall of Fame. Thank you so much for entertaining us for so long one way or another.
(BTW, do you remember that people were saying after all his fights: "Who the hell can stop that man?" for years? Now you know.)

Congrats to the winners and Thank you so much for the UFC and all the fighters and everybody helped put this event together. What a year it has been!
I try to use photos and videos from popular sources, not trying to use anything that's not out there. i'm just an amateur with internet access who loves fighting/competition so much that want to write about it.
Thank you so much and I hope you had a great Holiday Season and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Gabe Molnar

The video was taking down, here are two photos for now.  All my love/respect to Anderson and I'm not try to post something that is very unfortunate to him, I'm simply try to report on one of the biggest news in MMA for a while.

Welcome to my blog

Thanks for checking my blog MMASEC out. My name is Gabe Molnar, I run a small t-shirt company called 1AEON, Have a band called Whale, and besides other things I love fighting and competition so much that I have to write about it. I became a fascinated fan a few years ago and the love affair birthed into a magical relationship by now.
I write about MMA, mainly UFC related stuff from my own perspective, this is my two cents.
If you don't like it, don't read it.

ps.: I figured that there is the dominant 'MMA hour' show, so I tried to placed myself and my blog to a level so low by naming it the MMA second, when it's not insulting, yet you'll get the idea. Thank you so much for the love and support!
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