Friday, February 28, 2014

Breaking News! UFC 173: Lyoto Machida faces Chris Weidman After Vitor Belfort Withdraws!

UFC 173: Lyoto Machida faces Chris Weidman after Vitor Belfort withdraws!

Nevada Athletic Commission (came as something we have been anticipating to happen for a while so perhaps little less) surprising ban of testosterone replacement therapy in combat  sports came as an early birthday present to some or at the very least it's something a few fighters were waiting for, at the 185lb division: Vitor Belfort is out, the long considered poster child of the (controversial) TRT movement, has been replaced by Lyoto Machida at UFC 173 Probably we will hear a lot more io the issue, more guys will make changes and adjustments, as this will force to transform the landscape of the sport in general, who and how will stay, pull out, train. Teams, matches, weight classes will shift, and even more eye rolling will come along as this change start to sink in.

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