Sunday, February 16, 2014

Opportunity of a lifetime - The Patrick Cummings story

Patrick Cummings got up a day before yesterday morning, put on his clothes and started his day.
He went to work at the local coffee shop when he had a very urgent phone call, that he has to make a decision, and that this is his most important decision of his life. -Do you want to fight for the N01 Contender spot on one of the biggest UFC card of the year against Daniel Cormier?  The Light Heavyweight match is on Feb 22, this next Saturday, Yes it's UFC 170, the Rousey vs McMann card!
He lost his job due to taking this phone call during a work shift, but he got a the fight and the UFC signed him right away. This story is come to show once more that dreams do come through if you want it bad enough and as the old jedi master (Obi-Wansaid: In my experience, there's no such thing as luck. 
The whole story besides everywhere, can be found at the Bleacher Report.
…Allegedly he knew about it, tweeted and wanted it, probably not thinking that he can really get it, but man, you wake up a sleeping lion and there is no turning back. Fight week, media, ready, go! …Let's just say Cormier wasn't too excited to see his old training partner was brought in, but at least he will fight. Will see how the cards will be dealt to Rashad Evans who had to pull out of this fight and unintentionally caused all this trouble.

I was gonna have a short article on how I don't actually want to cover anything topical because in this day and age, there are so many amazing coverage on mma in general, and the dear folks do it much better then I ever would. When I first started to work on the idea, I tried to put together all the power points, the 'why and how' - it was fun: How I can just write on interesting stuff, so eventually when people go through your regular mms news, you can found the weird yet still a little interesting addition just to make your 'mma news belly' happy. Then a Patrick Cumming comes along with his American Dream story and everything goes right out the window. So I guess you truly really never know with this MMA thing. Welcome to the unpredictable. I've learned my lesson and won't try to box myself into a small place, when I can really limit myself and even though I will try to keep the unique angle - but man- this story needed to be told.

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