Wednesday, March 19, 2014

After the storm - UFC 171

UFC 171 was one of the latest Ufc and MMA card as of late, one of the most entertaining and one of the most enjoyable for sure. As always I picked a guy (or two) that kind of ran under the radar once again. I was most impressed by 2 guys, one of them is Dennis Bermudez and the other one was Myles Jury. Sure Myles was expected to win over The Dream/ ex-Nightmare, but he picked him apart with speed and technique and I thought he did a much better job than Melendez, even though Melendez' pout was that he is willing to stand with Diego Sanchez and still get the W. In my opinion, that could have gone either way or at least was sort of close. Myles put on a beating, and forget the two fights next to each other, watch earlier Myles Jury fights! The guy just got like 30% better or something. Not sure what happened but he looked much more technical, more confident, a lot more stronger and faster than before and it showed. He made it look easy to whoop Diego's butt even with the alleged food poisoning.
Dennis Bermudez (91% takedown defense) on the other hand just got his 6th win in a row and never even been on A main card/main event. The Guy just derailed Jimy Hettes from becoming one of the most amazing prodigy. Great job on making such a talented guy look bad. I think He way passed his prelims fights and it's about time to get him a top 10 guy. As a matter of fact both guys got a level up. Myles is on a 5 fight winning streak in the UFC, Dennis on a 6 fight streak himself within the UFC. Both guys were part of the Ultimate Fighter reality mma show.
Time to recognize! (Thank you for the photos UFC)
Of course many other amazing fights happened and Johnny Hendricks is the new 170lb Champ! Congrats! That was of course covered in all the mma media possible. I like to pay attention to the guys still somewhat in the shadow. It's time to shine some bright light on these hungry and ambitious fighters.

Myles Jury 155 lb
Dennis Bermudez 145 lb  

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