Tuesday, May 27, 2014


This is perfect, say no more.
Jack Slack did a fantastic job writing this great piece for FIGHTLAND (praise! ) so after my mumbles read that, it's golden! 
Amongst many other great things that happened this past weekend at UFC 173, TJ destroyed the Champ Barao, and I mean finished him and a lot of people were upset he was even in the conversation. Everything else happened snaked to the bottom of the ocean for a while, the main event was the main event for the ages, like no other main event before, Joe Rogan called it the finest performance in the in the octagon, as good as Aldo or Jones! So shall we (JOck did a much better job than I ever will so, I won't even try…OK maybe one day I will get there):
Thank You Jack Slack for the great article!
Thank you Vice and Fightland for the great job you do!
You all need to read this great piece, and I'm honored even just posting the link.

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