Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Christian Cyrus Leben is officially retired from MMA.

Tim Kennedy, Patrick Cote, Michael Chiesa, Evan Dunham, John Maguire, Joey Beltran all expressed they emotions on Twitter about Leben leaving the sport after his loss compiling a record of 12-10 in 22 appearances for the UFC organization as one of the most feared fighter in the Middleweight division. He ran into a four fight loosing streak, but he was kept around for a reason. Leben was in the original cast member in THE Ultimate fighter series with all the names that "made" the UFC explode into the superb phenomenon that it is today.

Chris was/is one of the favorite for many, including my wife who watched him being a sensitive young kid into a not so much technical fighter, rather one of the most feared one, the relentless one who never stops coming forward. We all remember Joe Rogan's comment on the big head/great punch taking abilities theory that some of you might find insulting, but more so this might be just one of the main key for his amazing fights. Chis was more dangerous while hurt towards to the end of the round.

He fought Anderson Silva pretty early on and he KO-d the other Silva: Wanderlei among many others, TUF, and many other accomplishments on his records. The Guy has nothing to prove. If I have to put only one world to describe him it should be relentless.

Thank You so much Chris, and I really hope that we will see you back as a coach or trainer, even hall-of-famer if that whole TUF crew is going there one day. I loved witnessing your journey, listening your stories (from you and from others). Your heart kept you in our heart. You made a lot of us a fan of MMA, TUF and the UFC.

The WAR PAINT, nails, hair, the style. All gone. Amazing inspiration.

Received 1000 tweets from you guys!! Overwhelming - Chris Leben. - See more at: http://www.bjpenn.com/the-mma-world-reacts-to-the-retirement-of-chris-leben/#sthash.ypWnv5RU.dpuf 

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