Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Dominick Cruz Injured, Vacates Belt; Renan Barão to Defend Against Urijah Faber at UFC 169

WOW! This is obviously something thats need to be mentioned, regardless of my schedule.
I mean Holy crap!
The guy is one of the great ones:  An innovator, a record breaker, an idol to many. Waits on the sideline for about 2 years, heals up, finally gets the fight to make sure everybody remembers how and why he got that belt. Than another injury happens, nothing and nobody will wait any longer including his status, rank, job, belt, so he vacates belt, and that's it.
Sometimes we don't know why things happen, but here is a weird pattern to watch about Champs in the near past:
-Jones (Light Heavyweight champ) breaks toe, gets insane high level competition, very close fight with Alexander Gustafsson (underdog).
-GSP (now ex-Welterweight champ) struggles with motivation in the last few fights, basically leaves scene, looses belt.
-Anderson Silva (now ex-Middleweight champ) gets finished twice in a year by the same guy (crazy underdog) Chris Weidman and breaks an insane way, looses belt.
-And now Dominic (now ex-Bantamweight champ) looses belt...

We are living the unapologetic times of mayor upsets and it's time to wake the fuck up! Everybody has an expiration date and in these days Champions are being tested by (BIG) time, by fighters growing up on MMA/UFC and times are tough my friends! This is heartbreaking and harvests amazing drama and close competition. At the end of the day, the fans Win!
As unfortunate this happened to @theDomin8r, we finally got to say our praises about him. 
We can now look back and now acknowledge and embrace his speed, angles, style, that his footwork changed the game so much, that even heavyweights started doing it. ( while people were debating if his weight class should or shouldn't exist!) Think about that!
Thanks Dominic! I wish you the best and hope to see you back! Still contributing, teaching, analyzing, and yes even fighting too if you are ready. -G. Molnar

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