Monday, January 13, 2014

Historical figures

Well, this article might be as unrelated as it comes, however this is one subject keeps me up at night.
Sounds like a spacey idea, but so often I wonder what would certain mma fighters be like if they were born just a little bit ago. When nations and tribes fought just about all the time. Would these guys with a thus to rule, unmatched power and skill rise to the occasion as they do in the sport and become a leader naturally in their own army? Yes, I'm damn serious and I'm talking about one of my favorite times, the medieval dark ages (mainly).
Just think of the fighters background/ethnicity/race and I'm sure if you let your imagination fly, you WILL get your entreatment and enjoyment out of this.
Think of shinny armors, leather and iron. Blood and dirt, sweat and tears,
Imagine Cain Velasquez as a Mexican ruler, who is not too worried about blood and violence when it comes to taking care of business as you saw it in the octagon many times before. His side is his vicious right hand man Gilbert Melendez on the black horse, on his left Diego Sanchez like a ferocious wild dog marching along the side and couldn't wait to get to the battle, and being unleashed.
From other parts of the world more fighters are coming to the big events (essentially I'm thinking title fights in big arenas) Game of Thrones styles, but so many obstacles to overcome before they get there (the road to the belt). Fighting your local circuit will bring the best guys up on top surrounded with a great team.
Imagine Alexander Gustafsson with his blond and bloodied beard and helmet marching down from the Norwegian land as a Viking warrior with Gunner Nelson (from Iceland) on his side. They meet up with the Island rebels such as Conor Mcgregor (Ireland) who is annoyed by the Brit and Roman Legion's veterans Alessio Sakara (Italy) and Bisping (UK) the Count! Once they figure out how to keep the union between them, so they can bring more names and titles home after the yearly invasions.
The East has it's solders too and in the far far the left, the Last emperor Fedor (Russia) sits on his Byzantine Throne. Even though people say his is too old and not relevant, we know that even western world's most powerful women warriors such as Ronda (US WestCoast) would have his 57 sons and daughters and his is literally considered the undisputed best ruler ever, The Last Emperor.
Hold on for a sec! The Canadian land mass produces perfect athletes like GSP with Rory on the side and I can hear the chants of Brazil carrying Anderson Silva on his shield covered with gold, but that means nothing if the battle is lost.
And who would forget a fear spreading Haka dance with Browne and Hunt so just throw something at the direction of Maori, Kiwi, Samoan Islands and their distant relatives, the Hawaiian King named BJ Penn and his lengthy weapon Kendall Grove. The Fight Teams/Camps could be just smaller individual cavalries, I mean stop pretending when in many organizations the "walk out" is not something like a small fighting group just arrived to kick some ass with they glorious entrance.
Nova Uniao Could one of the most aggressive one, they attack like Hyenas and will pick you apart, others rely on the great strategists like Winkeljohn/Jackson's behind Jones and the rest. The Invicta women helps to get the Amazons some recognition and you don't want to mess with them, they Can fight like men, no problem.
One day I will use all my photoshop skills to give you a visual idea as well.
Don't get too hang up on my clumsiness and the lack of other nations and fighters, perhaps I mix things up too. Just enjoy the ride and never stop dreaming!
More Wars are coming soon!
-Gabe M.

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