Monday, January 6, 2014

Happy New Year (fighters to watch) 1.

This post had no research behind it at all. Only, I think this is not something you can really research, it's   a lot more like based on your 'gut feeling thing.
Yes, I'm talking about the fighters/things to watch in 2014. What I think this really cover is what impressed you/me the most in 2013, what moved my imagination, who do you see more than probably to succeed, who looked promising and impressive...rememberable - is not a bad world for it either.
So here is my list.
The Number one person that can potentially reach the sky and win even more people over to his side this year is, yes it's a male Featherweight fighter named Conor McGregor straight outta Ireland. The mainly striker fighter is the owner of 10 first round finishes and is on a 10 fight winning streak.
This 'GQ fly cat' sounds like a guy don't know how to pull back with the confidence, he just can not silence the voice inside his head: nobody can fuck with me ~ In all honesty: I actually think it's discipline more than anything. You just can not be this loose with those kicks of his and not to work insanely hard. That takes dedication. I say to be that loose physically in the Octagon, takes hardcore intensity in the mind and in the gym. I believe it needs balance, I think the two comes together. Ideally we all do:)
How about his fighting, besides being very entertaining?
Fast, flashy, precise, stylish, for me seems like ton of karate,, ton of kicks, great boxing, great on the ground, amazing footwork. All this with the the menace borrowed from the Stockton and Co. aka the Diaz brothers. Talking to the opponent, never a big issue either.
Other fascinating thing about him: close friend and training parter with Gunnar Nelson.
Which takes me to the second guy on the list. The number 2 guy to watch in 2014 is Gunni, who is from Iceland, therefore cool as fuck to begin with. I'm sorry, how many Icelandic, more authentic guy you know who is also an amazing fighter. Both guys are unorthodox, Gunner - a dangerous Welterweight - probably even more so. I would consider him a ground fighter - I am considering him:) . Not sure, if I can pull a parallel between his demeanor and approach to fighting, but he is WAY too calm, and as far as what I got out of his fighting style: Unique, powerful, loves the ground fight,  and minimal - meaning he does what it needs to be done not less, not more. I say both guys are easily top 10 or will be this year for sure. Both are 25 years old, both takes risks, loves to fight and very good at them. Another reason, I have never heard of them before last year, but as the year progresses, we all learned their name and all I was hearing is the mentions of their name among others, but these too just stood out for me.

Fighters to watch in 2014:
Conor McGregor  (25yr, 14 - 2) Featherweight
Gunnar Nelson (25yr, 10 - 0 - 1) Welterweight
Also need to mention this guy, who I think might have stole the show in 2013 is Alexander Gustafsson (26yr, 15 - 2 - 0) LightHeavyweight. He deserves his own separate article dedicated only to him. Now I know what am I going to do, later tonight/this week.

-G. Molnar


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